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Embark on your Asheville, NC vacation planning journey and unlock the ultimate itinerary by exploring the top things to do in Asheville . Design your perfect getaway today.

Asheville is as romantic as it is adventurous. Scenic drives along sunkissed mountain roads, dramatic, long-range mountain views, romantic historical estates...
For every award-winning restaurant and craft brewery, there are just as many shops dedicated to deliciously, decadent sweet treats. Asheville chocolatiers are innovative chocolate truffle pioneers.
We have small-town Christmas festivals, traditional holiday parades, gingerbread competitions, holiday light shows, Christmas concerts, and so much more. Let’s unwrap some of our favorite Asheville area holiday celebrations.
One of the most anticipated new festivals coming to Asheville this September is the Chow Chow Asheville Food Festival.
It’s one of America’s favorite tasty treats and a wildly popular dessert for kids of all ages. When you combine this flavorful dairy dessert with a little Asheville ingenuity, the result is nothing short of delicious.


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