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Commitment to Safety

Greybeard considers safety to be of paramount importance in the guest experience which is why we are committed to providing a safe vacation rental experience for guests visiting the properties we manage. Our commitment is fostered through frequent home inspections, maintaining a clean and sanitary home environment, and a highly responsive maintenance staff that is available 24/7 365 days of the year.  

Our goal with the Greybeard Rentals Safety Program is to create a culture of safety among our staff to ensure that both our guests and owners have a positive and comfortable experience with us. Our collective mindset to do the right thing and not take shortcuts is paramount to succeeding in this goal.  Along with educating team members on how to identify real hazards and provide reasonable resolutions, we have also created communication methods and safety-related content that gives our employees, owners, and guests confidence that all possible safety measures are being taken. 

Diligent & Dedicated Safety Team

Vacation rentals in our beautiful, mountainous terrain can create unique safety challenges which, in turn, require a special team approach. Greybeard has a dedicated safety team that includes our home inspectors, who anticipate concerns and identify potential hazards, our maintenance support staff that mitigates and resolves daily concerns, our third-party vendors, and partnering companies that support our technology and training efforts, and our Safety Director who leads Greybeard's safety strategy and training and oversees the entire Safety Program. Our safety program helps ensure friendly, and well-informed customer service and efficient solutions to provide you peace of mind. 

A person with a white beardDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceMike Goodson
Safety Director

Mike is a licensed professional engineer with 30 years of service in state and local government. He is also a certified Short-term Rental Safety Inspector. His forty years as a volunteer in the local fire department, and 27 years as a reserve law enforcement officer in the local police department, give him a unique set of skills and training. 


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