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6 Apr 2020
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Vacation Tips

Whether you’re looking for a short stay, long weekend, weeklong stay, or even a long-term monthly stay, Greybeard Rentals has you covered. Come to Western North Carolina to enjoy that vacation you’ve been looking forward to—all in the comfort of a private and secluded setting with your closest family or friends. 

Vacation rentals are an ideal travel choice, and to make the process as streamlined as possible, we provide a rental search category for "secluded homes" on our website where you can find your perfect scenic destination. Vacation rental properties offer privacy, fresh air, and sweeping mountain views, so if you’re looking for a relaxing escape that is off the grid, a private home in the mountains could be the perfect solution for you and your family. 

Road Trip 

There are many benefits in driving to your vacation destination. For one, driving minimizes exposure to others (compared to airline, bus, or cruise ship travel), and it allows you to be in complete control of your environment. 

You can listen to your favorite band or the audiobook you’ve been saving for the perfect occasion, eat your favorite snacks, maintain the perfect temperature, and even stop at fun landmarks along the way. Whether it's flu season or you're just trying to avoid crowds, driving is an ideal way to manage your travel preferences.

Pet Friendly

Greybeard offers an impressive selection of pet-friendly properties that enable you to bring your entire family along. If you bring your pet along but have planned an activity that is impossible for them to attend, you also have the option of taking them to a dog-care center where they can have their own vacation while you enjoy yours. Our guest services division is happy to suggest the best dog-care centers in our area. 

Asheville is the perfect city to vacation with your furry friend, so be sure to check out our blog featuring helpful information and tips for your Pet Friendly Asheville Vacation

Cleanliness & Sanitization

Cleaning is something we take very seriously at Greybeard Rentals. We carefully select cleaning products and processes to exceed industry standards. Our cleaning staff must go through a rigorous and annual training process, and for additional thoroughness, we actually employ inspectors to follow behind and ensure our standards for cleanliness are being delivered time and time again.

Our homes are all subject to a quality standards checklist, an annual evaluation, and an annual deep clean. Home air filters are changed on a regular basis. Linens and towels are cleaned at an off-site facility to preserve the in-home laundry machines and are replaced as needed to maintain a consistent quality experience. 

Another perk of staying in a vacation rental is the fully-stocked kitchen where you can cook your own meals. Eat dinner on the porch where you can enjoy the mountains at sunset with a glass of wine. With Greybeard Rentals, your vacation home will always be made ready before arrival, so all you have to do is relax once you arrive.

Fresh Air

Vacation rentals are often in more remote areas with less direct exposure to other travelers. The mountains offer plenty of natural beauty, fresh air, and exciting recreation. Here are some of our favorite Spring and Summer outdoor activities:

  1. Explore the many Asheville Area Hiking trails
  2. Take a scenic drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see the rhododendron in bloom
  3. Rock hop or picnic by a waterfall in DuPont Forest 
  4. Ride over rocky terrain while taking in the stunning views Mountain Biking
  5. Challenge yourself with an elevated obstacle course or glide on a zipline at The Adventure Center of Asheville

As you can see, vacation rentals are a serene and crowd-free lodging option that will allow you to prioritize safety and self-care. 

*Greybeard Rentals regards your safety and the safety of others as most important. We encourage you to adhere to any local, state, or national government recommendations with regards to traveling and social distancing during epidemics, pandemics, and other states of emergency. This blog is intended only to provide the benefits of private vacation rentals compared to more crowded accommodation options. 

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