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What are the best places for an Asheville breakfast? This question stirred up some interesting office conversation, and what follows is a very informal, non-inclusive, but very tasty listing of a few of the wonderful breakfast spots around Asheville and Black Mountain.

Asheville Breakfast Spots

While it’s difficult to speak about each great breakfast place, a few stood out to us as locals. Biscuit Head, which has two Asheville locations, features breakfast, brunch, and lunch and relies on local food and supply sources whenever possible. The Early Girl Eatery, which opened in 2001 on downtown's historic Wall Street, also serves more than just breakfast and is centrally located, making it a convenient option if you want something downtown.

Rounding out our Asheville choices are Over Easy Asheville and Sunnypoint Café. Both provide fresh, local options. Sunnypoint Café even has an on-site garden providing super fresh seasonal ingredients. As is the case with the two aforementioned breakfast spots, each of these also has breakfast, brunch, and lunch. In addition, some options like Sunnypoint, serve dinner on some days. It’s always best to check their updated websites.

Black Mountain Breakfast Spots

In Black Mountain, two spots rose to the top of our breakfast list. The Blue Ridge Biscuit Company serves breakfast, brunch, and lunch from a self-order counter. And don’t let the exterior location of the strip shopping center hold you back. Inside is a clean, well-appointed café with self-serve beverages and plenty of seating. Louise’s, located in a charming old home, has the same at-the-counter-style service and has a couple of rooms with ample seating as well. From grit-cakes to veggie quesadillas, the menu provides choices for everyone in your party.

Hiking for Breakfast

If you’re someone to dine al fresco and on the go, consider heading to a local bakery and packing your own breakfast and then hiking out to enjoy it in the great outdoors. Around Asheville, there are some great places for early morning hikes. Take a look at the Greybeard Asheville area hikes page to get an idea of some of the options. If you’re in Black Mountain, there are a number of easy-to-more-difficult hikes available as well. There’s a Greybeard hikes document that itemizes some of the local hikes, including ones up in Montreat. For a sunrise option, head over to Rattlesnake which is accessible through Lookout. There’s nothing like starting your day off watching a spectacular western NC sunrise.

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