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Sometimes the best part of a vacation is staying in and enjoying all the amenities that the house has to offer. With these luxurious and state-of-the-art culinary setups designed and equipped with a large range of special features, appliances, and gadgets, you'll be feeling like a gourmet chef in no time. Take advantage of these vacation homes that boast ample counter space and cabinet storage, gas range stoves with hoods, double ovens for more efficient cooking, and large farmhouse sinks.

In these dreamy kitchens, cooking becomes a treat instead of a chore. Create exotic and indulgent specialty meals that you and your family will enjoy together using locally-sourced ingredients from tailgates and markets in town. Gather around the dining table and share stories about the adventures you had that day and plan the ones you'll go on tomorrow. Vacation is all about treating yourself to the most lavish accomodations and the finest fares while you unapologetically unwind and rejuvenate, and these homes certainly provide all of the necessary comforts and conveniences needed to fullfill that longing. 

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