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The Western North Carolina Bigfoot Festival has been growing in popularity-generating over 30,000 visitors to downtown Marion to celebrate the legendary creature with a wide range of activities and an entire afternoon of fun. Five blocks of downtown Marion will be blocked off for events like the Bigfoot Calling Contest and Bigfoot Knocking Competition and vendors will be selling a variety of Sasquatch-themed goods, food, and crafts. 

The WNC Bigfoot Festival is the southeast’s premier Bigfoot event and is expected to draw hunters and bigfoot followers from near and far with their photos from adventures and bigfoot run-ins. A free bouncy house will be set up for the kids in addition to scavenger hunts and other activities being available. 

In full, here are some of the highlights of the event:

  • Free activities for the kids such as a bouncy house
  • Competitions such as the Calling Contest and Bigfoot Knocking Contest
  • Pick up a festival t-shirt, Bigfoot Juice and more
  • DJs and bluegrass music
  • Food vendors offering everything from BBQ to hot dogs
  • Bigfoot 5K
  • Bigfoot Expo with Researchers presenting and displaying their evidence $5/person

We're convinced the Sasquatch call will penetrate the hearts of believers and skeptics alike, but if not, there's always the delicious food and beer.

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