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In Search of Asheville's Best Coffee and Coffee Roasters

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31 Oct 2019

For those that love coffee, Asheville is a rite of passage. It’s an important business here and local roasters care about craft. It’s not solely about finding the perfect cup of black gold. The

Filo Pastries & Coffee

Asheville coffee scene is also about the experience and how the combination of atmosphere and coffee makes you feel. There’s no limit on options Asheville residents have a lot of varying opinions on what the perfect cup entails so we’re here to offer a helping hand on where to go and why to go there. 

High Five Coffee has 3 locations around Asheville to take advantage of. The Broadway location is a favorite spot because of it’s convenient location and welcoming hipster vibe. You walk into this coffee shop and instantly feel like you’re part of a community. It’s welcoming, familiar, and just darn good coffee. Counter Culture Coffee, a sustainable coffee bean producer, supplies the beans. Their coffee flavorings are also house-made, not made corn syrup flavorings. Easily accessible and just a short walk north of downtown Asheville. Must try: Cubano

Trade and Lore Coffee is Asheville’s "boujee" choice for coffee drinkers. From its hip location off Wall Street in downtown to its precision in artisan coffee. TLC is most well known for its experimental coffee options like a Sweet Potato latte or a vanilla cardamom lavender latte. They also serve Oat Milk, a non-dairy alternative creamer. You can also walk in, drop a quick $2, and grab a cup of standard drip coffee- roasted by Mountain Air roasters. Indoors you’ll love the converted industrial vibe- with its exposed brick, dim lighting with twinkling lights, and live music. There’s also an adorable outdoor patio area. Bonus for being dog-friendly. Must try: Pistachio and Rosewater latte with milk. 

Filo Pastries & Coffee- Also serving Counter Culture Coffee, Filo is perfect to pair delicious coffee with some of the best desserts in town. Filo also features an incredible selection of gluten-free pastries and desserts. Belly up to the bar or grab a seat on one of the couches. The cozy, almost medieval atmosphere makes you feel like you’re a million miles away. Filo’s East Asheville location makes this coffee shop an easy one to miss, but it’s also located less than a mile from the East Asheville entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway so stop in and grab your coffee and dessert to go. Must try: Specialty lattes ranging from Almond Joy to Creme Brulee. 

The Dripolator Coffeehouse in Black Mountain is a favorite spot for locals. With drip coffee and an expansive list of specialty drinks, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. The Drip, as the locals call it, brings in fresh baked goods from OWL Bakery daily. This coffee shop draws a mixed crowd of people, young and old, and is really the perfect spot for your group to gather. There’s a friendly, bustling, and inviting atmosphere, and if your life were a movie, this would be the perfect setting. Must try: the Mayan Mocha for a spicy, sweet treat. 

Dynamite Roasting Company is ALL ABOUT THE COFFEE. Dynamite is Greybeard’s pick for one of the best roasts in town. For those that just love a quality cup of joe then this is where

Dynamite Roasting Company

you’ll get it. A small menu with limited specialty options, the locals here just appreciate the unadulterated quality of what Dynamite offers. They roast their coffee in small batches, locally, and are 100% certified organic and fair trade. The Dynamite Roastery and Coffee Bar in Black Mountain is where it all began, and now visitors can stop in for a quick coffee or their own bag of coffee to take home. Must try: the Mexico roast cup of coffee.

Double D’s Coffee & Desserts is Asheville’s most unique coffee...bus. That’s right Double D’s is an authentic 1963 British, Double Decker bus in downtown Asheville. The coffee here is roasted locally by Notorious Coffee, and is roasted in small batches to keep it fresh. You can also pick up old fashioned milkshakes or a real fruit smoothie. Double D’s cash-only, but reasonably priced in the heart of Asheville. The experience here is hard to beat, which makes it a must-stop for Asheville coffee. Must try: the Double Decker White Mocha or Lavender Honey Latte.

Liberty House Coffee and Cafe is idyllic for that mid-morning coffee and food stop. This coffee house is housed in a charming, 1920’s cottage just off Merrimon Avenue. The rustic-chic interior is as delicious as its menu. Enjoy their specialty coffees, paired with farm to table food from locally sourced farms. Must try: Chai Latte with the Avocado Toast. 

Summit Coffee is located in one of the coolest locations in Asheville- the River Arts District. The building itself is located next door to Wedge Brewing Company, which just adds another layer to why this is a top stop for coffee. This modern and hip spot has a 360-degree coffee bar, vaulted ceilings and exposed wooden beams that draw you in immediately. It’s a great spot for conversation, work meetings, or just a quick solo getaway. They have a simple, standard coffee menu which is perfect when you know

what you want and how you want it. Their seasonal drink menu is going to be hard to pass up though. Come for the coffee, but stay for the art. Graffiti art can be found throughout the River Arts District, including along the exterior of Summit Coffee. Must try: Professor Plum or Honey Butter season beverages. 

This is really just a drip in the coffee craft of places to explore in Asheville. Depending on who you ask, there are an endless amount of coffee shops beloved by locals. Before you visit, come mentally prepared to expand your horizons and vigorously defend your favorite spot.